Thick Walled Extrusions
Wide Body Cabinets
Custom Shapes - Radius Top, Peaked, etc.
Powder Coated Finish
Mill Finish
Steel Mounting Saddles
Steel Reinforcements
Custom Mounting Options
Flat Faces
Pan Faces
Divider Bars in two sizes
Hinged Cabinets
Slide Cabinets
Vandal Covers
High Ouput Fluorescent and LED lighting
UL Listing

Rugged Double Welded Corners

Innovative and renewable energy is the best way we can ensure a healthy community and environment. At Sign Cabinets Inc, we continue to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment and strive to be a green manufacturer.

We recycle all of our unused Aluminum extrusions, cardboard and Polycarbonate. We continue to look for smarter ways to light our signs. We powder coat our signs, which leaves no ill effects on the environment and any unused powder can be recycled. We welcome suggestions on how to additionally reduce our impact. Contact us with any ideas or concerns.